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The Diploma font is a typeface that falls under the ‘Gothic’ and ‘Blackletter’ styles. This typeface was designed by Vincent Connare. He is an American typeface designer and former Microsoft employee. The Comic Sans font is one of his significant works known by many people worldwide.

The font has 228 characters. It comes with 227 glyphs and 100 units per EM in the traditional style. Additionally, it offers horizontal and scalability but no fixed width or kerning.

This font is frequently employed in the creation of certificates, graduation ceremonies, awards, invitations, and even medieval-themed designs.

The Diploma font is known for its historic grandeur, making it a preferred choice for formal occasions. However, using the Diploma font style in projects may involve licensing fees. Fortunately, there are many free fonts available that resemble the Diploma font style, such as Cloister Black, Chomsky, Old London, English Towne and Iglesia font, these are all Gothic-inspired typeface.

In conclusion, the Diploma font is a popular choice for formal documents due to its classic and elegant design. However, it’s important to consider factors such as legibility and suitability to the overall design when choosing a font for your document.

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Diploma Font

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