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There’s something special about the Star font. It’s not a typeface, although searches for the Star font are always high. Maybe it’s because they instantly bring to mind the twinkling lights of the night sky. Or maybe it’s because they have a certain retro charm. Regardless of the reason, star fonts are always popular.

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a star font for your next project. In this post, we’ve rounded up some stellar star fonts that will surely add sparkle to your designs. Each of these fonts has its own unique look and feel, so it is wise to choose one that will fit the overall tone of your project. In addition, some star fonts are characterized by their unique star-shaped glyphs. And the most exciting part is that plenty of free Star fonts are available for download!

Use of Star Font

So whether you’re creating a festive holiday design like the christmas banner or a retro-inspired poster or advertising, packaging, creating a birthday card or scrapbooking layout, or any sci-fi designs, check out these star fonts. The Star font adds a touch of whimsy and fun to any project. From playful and funky to elegant and chic, a star-studded font is sure to be just right for your next project. We guarantee you’ll find one that’s suitable for you.

List of Star Font

A Star Font

A Star Font Download

A Star Font is a creative and aesthetically pleasing handwriting font developed by CalligraphyFonts. It is suitable for creating elegant and stylish designs. A Star Font is suitable for creating invitations, flyers, and other designs. It is well suited for any project that requires an elegant and stylish font. In this font, the letter “A” is designed in a way that looks like a star. That’s why this is a beautiful font for designers.

Your Star Font

Your Star Font Download

Your Star font is a script and handwritten font designed by Misti’s Fonts. The font has multiple stylish star symbols in its character list. It is a free font for personal and non-profit use only.

Special Symbols Keyboard Shortcut

  • Type * (asterisk) for the open star
  • Type | (vertical bar) for the solid star
  • Type \ (backslash) for the fancy star
  • Type _ (underscore) for the shining open star
  • Type ^ (circumflex) for the shining solid star
  • Type ~ (tilde) for the shining fancy star
  • Type {} (curly braces) for the star clusters

Be a Star font

Be a Star font

With the Be a Star font, you can incorporate the universe into your designs. Designed by Brenna Ricci and published by One Line Design. You can use this font for posters, vinyl creations, logos, t-shirts, and much more. Your design will be stylish and fun with this font writing in the stars! This font is a commercial font with an option for personal use only.

Moon Star Font

Moon Star Font Download

Moon Star font is a fancy decorative font designed by an unknown designer. The font was first seen in Dafont. It was designed with glittering stars embedded in each capital and lowercase letter. This is a very fun font. You can use this font on birthdays, Christmas, etc. This is a free font for personal and commercial use.

Star Dust Font

Star Dust Font Download

The Star Dust font was designed by ShyFonts and published in 2005. It has four styles. This font has a unique design. Each letter in this font has a star outline on the backside. This font is appropriate for use in your projects. This is a free font.

Banner Star Font

Banner Star Font Download

Banner Star is another fancy decorative font designed by Claude Pelletier and published in 2012. This font also has a star drawn inside all the characters. It’s a font licensed for free for personal use.

Seeing Stars Font

Seeing Stars Font Download

Seeing Stars is a Dingbats shape font designed by Jess Latham in 2005. It’s just a collection of star symbols that you can use in text or in your design.

Star Font by Annie

Star Font by Annie Font Download

Star Font by Fonts by Annie is a fun and stylish font that is suitable for any project! This font is available in bold weights, so you can choose the right look for your project. With its fun and playful style, this Star Font is sure to add personality to any project!

Riana Star Font

Riana Star Font Download

Riana Star Font is a kid’s font designed by Attype Studio in 2020. It has lots of tiny stars around the lettering. It has two styles: with glittering stars and without stars. This font is a donationware font that is free for personal use.  

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