Chiller Font

Today, we will talk about a chaotic, reckless font, the Chiller font. It is the work of a British designer named Andrew Smith. In 1995, ITC released Andrew’s work in the market. 

The glyphs of this font are undisciplined yet easily readable. When you look at the font, you will feel like someone is having an issue with his ball point pen. 

Most of the characters either start or end with thick strokes, having thin strokes at a time. A few Chiller characters have a thick stroke top to bottom. Moreover, the font’s creator designed this font with a 3D touch, which will add liveliness to any text design. 

Chiller has 244 glyphs and it includes capital letters, small letters, numbers, and various special characters. The font family includes multiple styles – regular, bold, italic, and medium. Also, this font supports more than 60 international languages. 

Uses of Chiller font 

Though the font looks a bit like a kid’s handwriting, yet it has a clean texture. Due to its easy-to-read feature, the Chiller font is applicable to a wide variety of text designs. Below are the design fields suitable for this item. 

  • Advertisements 
  • Assignments 
  • App designs 
  • Banners 
  • Billboards 
  • Billings 
  • Books 
  • Brand designs (stadium branding, office branding, etc.) 
  • Building names 
  • Business cards 
  • Catalogs 
  • Cover page designs 
  • Gift cards 
  • Headings 
  • Homeware designs 
  • Layouts 
  • Logos 
  • Magazines 
  • Museum exhibitions 
  • Organization names 
  • Posters 
  • Precise emblems 
  • Presentations 
  • Printing projects 
  • Product packaging  
  • Signage 
  • Social media posts 
  • Titles 
  • Trade show displays 
  • Trailers 
  • Website designs 
  • Youtube thumbnails



The good news is, with the correct installation process, you can use this font in various platforms, including Windows, Android, MS Word, Google Docs, Canva, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Photoshop. Moreover, you can use this font on Cricut Design Space too. 

Similar to Chiller Font 

  • Smack Plain font – In visuality, the Smack Plain font is the same as Chiller. Macromedia Fontgrapher is the designer of this font. They released the font in 1999. The Smack Plain font has 227 glyphs and features uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. 
  • Linotype Dropink font – Like the Chiller font has thick strokes in its characters, the Linotype Dropink font also has intentional ink blots in its characters. Christine Voigts designed this font and Linotype published it. The font has 447 glyphs featuring large caps, small caps, numbers, and special characters. 
  • Sucu Auto font – Another irregular font like Chiller, though way more uneven than the latter one. The Sucu Auto font looks like an individual who holds the pen for the first time. Mark Clifton designed this font and GarageFonts released this font. 
  • Carumba font – A Californian designer named Jill Bell designed this font and ITC published it. The Carumba font comes with 2 styles – Regular and Hot Caps. If you are looking for a Chiller alternative that can add fun and liveliness to your project, try this font. It includes 294 glyphs in total. 
  • ITC Jaft font – Originally designed with a bamboo pen, the ITC Jaft font has unusual angles yet uniqueness. A New York designer named Frank Marciuliano designed this font and ITC published it. The ITC Jaft font has 293 glyphs featuring small caps, large caps, numbers, and special characters. Some of the special characters are straight unlike the rest of the glyphs.   

Supported Languages 

The Chiller font supports more than 60 languages, including English, Latin, Croatian, Hungarian, Polish, Vietnamese, Spanish, Swedish, etc. 


Like most of the fonts, it also comes with two versions – free and premium. The free version of the font is open only for personal use. You can use this version privately as much as you want without any restriction. 

However, using this font commercially won’t be easy without the premium version. You need to buy the license of this font from the designer or any trusted website. Once you get the license, you are free to use this font both commercially and non-commercially.  

Click here to download the Chiller font for free. 

Chiller Font at a Glance 

Font name Chiller Font
Font familySans Serif 
Designed byAndrew Smith 
Released by ITC Linotype
Release date 1995
Platforms Windows, Android, MS Word, Google Docs, Canva, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop
Glyph count 244
File type OTF, TTF
Supported languages 60+
Similar fonts Smack Plain font, Linotype Dropink font, Carumba font, etc.
LicenseFree for personal use only


When was the Chiller font released? 

This font was released in 1995. 

Who designed the Chiller font?

Andrew Smith designed the Chiller font.

How many glyphs does the Chiller font have?

The font has 244 glyphs. 

Is the Chiller font free? 

The font is free only for non-commercial or personal purposes. The user needs to buy the font license for using the font for all types of personal and commercial projects.

How many languages does this font support? 

The Chiller font supports 60+ international languages. 

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