35 Groovy Fonts for your design projects look exciting

Groovy fonts are a new typeface design. They are inspired by the groovy movement, a subculture that began in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Groovy fonts are often used in graphic design projects because they are unique and look cool.

If you want to give your design project a retro, classic look that can grab attention, you can go for groovy fonts. These groovy fonts will make your project look gorgeous as well as classy and fabulous. People of any age can use any of these fonts. Here are 35 groovy fonts to give your design project a unique look: 


An excellent choice for colorful graphics, especially for kids. The inspiration for this font comes from ’70s design styles, which makes it a good pick for product labels, posters, and party invitations.

Ligatoy is a reverse display font. The style of this font is groovy, funny, classic, not serious but has unique and aesthetic value. It is very easy to remember.

Get the Ligatoy font


You can use Funkies font if you are looking for a font that represents the old days when funk and rockabilly were a thing.

This font is a combination of script and serif. Blankids studio introduced this typeface. It is known as a far-out disco font as well. It has stylistic alternates and 15 illustrations to give users distinctive design options.

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Groovy is based on the 60s and 70s typography designs. It offers OpenType features for customizing a variety of effects. You can use this font for fun and trendy presentations or serious visuals

It also comes with extra extruded font versions. The font comes with 593 glyphs. The features of this font includes swashes, ligatures, stylistic alternates, contextual and stylistic set.

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Skinny Joe

Skinny Joe features a retro, vintage look with a reverse contrast style, simply ideal for summer theme concepts. The font consists of 5 from bold to thin and a variable format. It also has alternatives for more unique and decorative look.

It’s a unique font because it takes inspiration from the disco era of the 80s and the famous bell-bottom pants. The font is bendy and dynamic. It is perfect for retro posters, party invitations, or celebrations.

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Boardley script

Boardley script came from the exploration of mid-century European-American bold script lettering for advertising. It is an enticing modern font created with new and robust detailing. This font is a script-style display font with layers of variations for chromatic use.

The font is appropriate for name cards, logos, quotes, design titles, posters, blog headers, art quotes, typography art, stationery, modern envelope lettering, and book design.

Get the Boardley script

Losta Masta

Losta Masta is a playful and unique typeface from the creative media lab. To give users freedom, it comes with 8 fonts. This font has a combination of thin to extra bold combinations of fonts.

The font is suitable for use in designs like magazines, postcards, logos, vintage look, wedding projects and many more.

Get the Losta Masta font

Summer of 76

Summer of 76 multiline font. It gives off a nostalgic vibe inspired by the looks of the 70s. If you want to give a lovely retro feel to your project, this font is for you.

The font is perfect for medium and small text blocks, also perfect for big headers. It has 2 font styles-multiline and solids. Contains glyphs and numbers.

Get the Summer of 76 font


Codigra is a bold serif font with a modern and retro style. Comes with unique shape and attractive alternatives characters. It is perfect for designs such as visual branding, logos, party invitations and many more.

An awesome font with liquid, balanced and includes ligatures. If someone wants a combination of modern and retro, this would be the best choice.

Get the Codigra font

Surreal- psychedelic typeface

A font inspired by the psychedelic movement of the mid ’60s. Since it is not a standard font, it is excellent for grabbing the readers’ attention. It is perfect for experimental artwork and rad design projects.

This is not a kind of a typeface you see everyday. It includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers and punctuation. OTF and TTF versions are available for downloads.

Get the Surreal- psychedelic typeface


Fintbar is a bold and robust font. It is also fun and playful. Perfect for children’s posters and party invitations. It is also suitable for magazine titles, labels, and advertisement designs.

The font is available in 2 versions: Regular and extrude. It has multi language support and characters include punctuation.

Get the Fintbar font

The Beardy

It is an aiyari typeface that works best with logos, headlines, titles, branding, magazine covers, book covers, and more. This font is motivated by serifs combined with the flourishing typology and pop culture of the ’70s. 

It comes with open type features like stylistic alternates, stylistic set 01-18 and some of ligatures.

Get the Beardy font


Lovadelic is a combination of 70’s script and psychedelic balloon typography. This font comes in various fonts like regular, expand, slant, and slant expand. It also has graphic extras that will add extra dimensions to your projects.

It is appropriate for headings, logotypes, apparel design, quotes, invitations, flyer, posters, greeting cards, product packaging, book cover, movie, cover album etc.

Get the Lovadelic font


Naskle is a versatile and magical font for your projects. The characters are bendy, colorful, and neat. It’s great to add some true hippy to add groove to your project or brighten a child’s invitation.

It is a fun psychedelic groovy font. The font is perfect for summer theme projects, posters, logos, DIY projects, vintage or retro themes ETC.

Get the Naskle font

Quincy Jhons

A bold, classic font. This font has natural curves and rounded corners, which Gives out a smooth, jazzy vibe. The chubby but strong shape not only boosts its readability, but also makes higher impact as headlines.

The font is used in billboards, posters, headlines or headings in websites or magazines, logos, YouTube thumbnails, book covers ETC.

Get the Quincy Jhons font


Thunderstorm carries an 80’s-90’s vibe. It has a multi-language update, and it is hand-painted typeface by Aiyari. The handmade brush typeface gives out 80’s and 90’s music, retro, disco, grunge and pop culture.

Best suited logo, apparel books, invitation, quotes, packaging, album cover ETC. It has both OTF and TTF formats available.

Get the Thunderstorm font


Jassin is a fun and groovy typeface, perfect for headlines, branding, social media, advertising, posters, packaging, etc. It has a vintage feel. This typeface evokes the carefree and whimsical vibe of the psychedelic era, which allows you to craft an impressive-looking design.

Get the Jassin font


Dorris is one of the unique, cute, and versatile hippie fonts. You can try all capital letters for a retro and groovy style for a happy look. The characters of this typeface have dreamy and bendy swirls.

You can use this font in any poster, magazine, wedding projects, quotes, old classic music, stickers, postcards, or labels that need a decorative touch.

Dorris is a paid font and falls under decorative and fairytale fonts. It has 9 weights, from thin to black, with a soft and curly tail, making this font look crisp and funky.

Get the Dorris font

Croogla 4F

Croogla is a paid font. It falls under the category of sans serif and Ukrainian fonts. The font was designed by Sergiy Tkachenko and published by 4th February. This typeface contains five stylistic options, from extra light to bold. It is appropriate for posters, covers, advertising, magazines, labels, packaging, and sign boards.

Get the Croogla 4F font


Nectarine is a fancy, unique, and versatile serif font. It was created by priority and offered a lot of alternative characters to customize. Free for personal use and paid for commercial use. This typeface is suitable for social media posts, magazines, posters, stickers, landing pages, etc.

It has upper and lowercase letters, marks, ligatures, and multi-language support, including English, French, Polish, etc. Nectarine is a PUA encoded font, which means you can access all the glyphs and swashes.

Get the Nectarine font


A retro-bold typeface that will bring back the 60s feel, made by a font designer named Letterhead Studio. It is groovy enough to be a contender for the font used in the famous cartoon Scooby-Doo Gang’s renowned vehicle.

You can use this typeface can be applied to logos, invitations, labels, magazines, books, greeting/wedding cards, packaging, fashion, makeup, or any advertisement. It has the extrude version so that you can create your retro font very easily. 

Get the Ramdone font

Kool Beans

Kool beans represent the 60s-70s groovy psychedelic era, inspired by slab serif font. It comes in 2 unique styles, solids and outlines. This font is freeware. Feel free to use it in any commercial or personal design projects.

The font characters include the alphabets, both uppercase and lowercase, numbers, and symbols. The designer of this font is Insanity.

It is perfect for magazine covers, quote posters, social media posts, book covers, merchandise, websites, advertising, and branding and is remarkable for any project that needs an authentic retro feel.

Get the Kool beans font


Monro is a relaxed and playful display font. The characters of this font include both upper and lowercase alphabets, numbers, and letters.

This typeface is inspired by the beautiful design of the 80s and 90s. Due to its eye-catching, quirky letters, it grabs the reader’s attention very quickly.

If you are looking for a geometric typeface that offers flexibility and a sleek look, this is for you. Perfect for contemporary branding, flyers, social media, headlines, magazines etc.

Get the Monro font


If you need a font that reflects the wavy water illusion seen in summer, the beach, and a free mood, Sunstroke is the font for you. It is based on the Latin script and supports 88 languages.

The characters include alphabets, numbers, diacritical marks, symbols, and punctuation. Sunstroke is a paid font and falls under the decorative fonts category.

Perfect for summer party invitations, beach parties, and posters.

Get the Sunstroke font


To give your projects a funky Arabian night relish, Bellyman is the font for you. It is a serif style font and has a large selection of ligatures and a unique swash alternative.

The typeface contains 623 glyphs, with many unique and exciting options. Glyphs are supported by Unicode (PUA). It is available free for personal use only.

You can use this aesthetic in posters, magazines, displays, etc. Apply Bellyman to any project with a smooth and elegant concept. It has multi-language support.

Get the Bellyman font


Karolin is a bold script font. It is a perfect choice for merchandise, clothing, apparel, labels, stationery, e-commerce design, logos, packaging, and more design projects. It is better to use this font on retro projects. This features uppercase, lowercase, ligatures, and swash fonts.

Get the Karolin font


Bravado is free for personal use only. It has upper and lowercase alphabets, numbers, and symbols. You can use Bravado to create exciting designs, covers, or stores. Names and logos. Best suited for branding projects, houseware designs, product packaging or text overlay on any background image. It gives a classy look to any project. 

Get the Bravado font

Sake Moru

Sake Moru is an experimental display font based on a serif. It comes in two styles: regular and outline. Since it is encoded with Unicode PUA,  you can access Sake Moru’s additional characters without special design software.

Sake Moru is well suited for advertising, branding, logotypes, packaging, titles, headlines and editorial design. To access all glyph variations, you can use applications like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Indesign, and Corel draw are highly recommended. 

Get the Sake Moru font


Bayshore is a tubular mono-line script font from the 80s, designed by Sam Parett and published by set sail studios. Use this font to give your design project a retro, calm, beach vibe. The typeface comes with a single font file with added features allowing you to customize your text.

The lower case characters have a separate ‘end swash’ version to give a custom feel-styling. This hand-drawn stylish font is perfect for elegant and elegant lettering.

To give texts an eye-catching nature, four swashes of varying length can be accessible by typing any of the square brackets [ ], { }. Use it for logos, product packaging or merchandising, and magazines to give your project a retro quality.

Get the Bayshore font


Recall the old era of the music and fashion industry 90s when the graphic design culture started to emerge. It is a bold, vintage-styled and western-looking slab serif.

You can use this typeface to give your visual project an artistic and edgy look. It is available for ios, Android, macOS and windows. Ideal for a music project, logo, poster, vaporwave concept art, branding, album artwork, retro event or any project that needs a retro-futuristic font.

It has OTF, TTF font files and English language support.

Get the Renin font 


Mantyla is a perfect groovy font to add a versatile look to your design project. The curls, tails and broad strokes are eye-catching. Based on a modern script that includes uppercase, lowercase, punctuation and numbers.

It supports multi-language and good ligature. It gives your food or drinks labels or restaurant menu a groovy touch. Suitable for poster design, branding, lettering design, logo, Instagram post or Instagram story.

Get the Mantyla font

Block Marys

Block Marys is a primary, easy-to-read and balanced display sans font. Suitable for all your design needs. It has 4 style variations: regular, oblique, outline, and outline slanted. It is encoded with Unicode PUA, allowing full access to all the additional characters without special design software.

The font is designed by Eko Nur Cahyo, published by Kulokale. Best for advertising, branding, logotypes, packaging, headlines, titles and editorial design.

Get the Block Marys

Articulat CF

Designed by Connery Fagen, Articulat Cf belongs to the modernist swiss-style sans-serif font family. It has ten weights, obliques and multilingual support. The font gives out a 60s strong, versatile, charismatic and legible vibe. It was built from scratch to be a neat and clean font for your design project. Use it in your project to give a hit of timeless mid-century clarity.

Get the Articulat cf font

Let’s Jazz

Let’s Jazz is playful sans serif typeface inspired by iconic mid-century American advertising and lettering. It has two versions, regular and stamp, each with more than 450 glyphs, some neat ligatures and alternates with old-style bouncy numerals.

Let’s Jazz covers several languages based on the Latin alphabet. It gives out the vibe of the sensational music genre and the very distinct look of Saul Bass graphics which are still related. You can use this for various design purposes like headlines, packaging, logotypes, badges, posters, etc. 

Get the Let’s jazz font


Citro is a thick, lettered, cool, boldface typeface based on handwritten paper signs seen in the grocery stores from the 1920s-to 1970s. It is a fun and not too serious font best for cartoon-related designs, children’s names, titles, quotes, brand names, posters, and book covers. The font is also perfect for contemporary branding, marketing, packaging or any project that needs a touch of joy and fun. 

Get the Citro font

Jaywalker display font

With 160+ glyphs, Jaywalker is a sans serif display font inspired by mid-century illustration and design. It has character support for the alphabet, numbers and symbols. Use it in projects like T-shirt designs, logos, video credits and posters. 

Get the Jaywalker display font


Above the list of 35 groovy fonts are best suited for your logo design, branding activities, advertisements, t-shirts or any unique design projects. Choose any fonts that fit your project’s vibe and represent your personality. 

If you are looking for more beautiful fonts for your design project, check out our website.


We tried to cover some basic questions about groovy fonts here.

What are Groovy fonts?

Ans. Groovy fonts are a new typeface design. They are inspired by the groovy movement, a subculture that began in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Will these 35 Groovy fonts be enough for my design project?

Ans. It depends on your project’s requirements. We think our list will be sufficient for you.

Are all these Groovy fonts free to use?

Ans. No, you have to purchase them.

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