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Matthew Carter created the humanist sans-serif typeface called Tahoma font for Microsoft. It was included as a standard font alongside Carter’s Verdana in the initial release of Windows 95. However, Tahoma has a smaller body, smaller counters, and a more full Unicode character set than Verdana. Fruiter, a humanist sans-serif typeface, is often compared to Tahoma.

A TrueType version of this typeface was eventually created by the designer after it was first released as a bitmap font. Designed for use in small dialog boxes and menus, Tahoma is a set of two Windows TrueType fonts: one for normal and one for bold. Many typefaces, characters, and letters are included in Tahoma, which you may easily include in your designs. Fonts like this one allow users to differentiate between upper and lowercase “I’ without causing confusion. Tahoma now comes in italic and small capitals from Ascender Corporation, which started offering these fonts in 2010.

This typeface was included with Microsoft Office 97, 2000, and XP, as well as Word Viewer 97, and was freely available for download. Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 all featured it as their default screen font (replacing MS Sans Serif), while Skype and Sega’s Dreamcast packaging and advertising materials also made use of it.

To make it short, the Tahoma typeface is well worth the download. With a simple and attractive style, this typeface is considered contemporary and basic in its appearance. So, download the Tahoma font for free now.

What is the Tahoma Font used for?

Following the introduction of the Tahoma typeface, the quality of system fonts increased to an exceptionally high level. This typeface was prominently shown in a number of different user interfaces. A comprehensive range of font weights may have a notable impact on the presentation of a document on various devices.

Using the Tahoma typeface in collaboration with the Times New Roman font is clearly the best option if you want to make a statement while printing your papers.

Furthermore, you may experiment with the typeface in a variety of different situations, such as websites, designs, user interfaces, Word documents, and a variety of other software applications. For all of these reasons, people are very excited about downloading the Tahoma font these days. You can easily download the font to your Mac or computer device in a variety of unusual formats, such as TTF, OTF, and others.

Font View

Before you download the typeface, you may see all of the character sets that it employs, allowing you to make accurate predictions about how it will look in your creative projects.

Tahoma Font Family View

Tahoma Font Generator

License Information

You may get the license at a reduced cost from the appropriate authorities. Furthermore, the license enables you to use the font in all of your projects, including commercial, trade, and printing. Click here to get your license.


You may get the typeface in a zip file by clicking the below button. Simply click on the “download” button and the font will be downloaded to your computer or another device.

Font Pairing

As previously said, this typeface has a broad variety of uses, and it may be used in combination with the Times New Roman font to create website designs as well. Besides this, you can use Tahoma with the fonts that are given below:

Similar Fonts

These free alternatives to Tahoma have been compiled for your perusal and convenience.


What font goes with Tahoma Font?

Ans: Georgia, Brandon Grotesque, Helvetica Neue, Lucida Grande, Arial, and Le Havre go nicely together with Tahoma.

Is Tahoma Font free?

Ans: No, it is not a free font. You may use the version we provide for personal use for free. You’ll need to upgrade to the premium edition if you wish to use it for commercial purposes.

Who designed the Tahoma Font?

Ans: Matthew Carter designed this typeface.

Is Tahoma a web-safe font?

Ans: Yes, it is totally a safe font for websites.

Is Tahoma a professional font?

Ans: Tahoma is one of the most popular humanist sans-serif fonts available today, and it is very much a professional font.

How can I install a font on my devices?

Ans: It’s very easy to install this font on your device. If you have a PC, MAC or Linux device, you can install the font easily. Follow the below links.
How to Add Fonts to a Windows PC?
How to Add Fonts to Your Mac?

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