Font Live Preview and Download Generated Image Script

Currently its working on WordPress. But you can use this script anywhere you wish.

The “Font Live Preview and Download Generated Image Script” is a revenue-generating script.

If your question is how? Then there are a lot of people who are trying to make money with free font download sites using WordPress or other CMS.

People do make some money from it. Due to the competition, many sites have faded away. But most of them know that if you give a live font preview and generate a preview option, then Google will love this type of site. This will give better ranks.

This is based on my personal experience and I want to help all of those who are in this field.”

So, what’s special about this script?

Works on any website, page or post. Works specifically for WordPress site owners.

Just copy and paste the script and modify the portion of the font that you need to live preview and download the preview image.

Single or Multi fonts can be previewed in one script.

No database is required or files are not saved in the server. Means no load on the server.

Download your selected font preview image with controls like live type preview, font size, font color, background color change, a reset option and download preview button. It means lots of options for changing the font in real time and downloading the preview.

Detail description of the script:

The Font Preview and Download Script is a web application script that allows users to preview and customize different fonts before downloading the preview as an image. The script includes a list of fonts that are loaded using the @font-face rule, which specifies the font family name and the location of the font file.

The script is designed with two columns; the left column contains font controls where users can customize the font size, font color, background color, and type any text they want to preview. The right column contains the font preview area, where users can see the changes they have made to the font. The preview area is a 500px x 400px box with a white background.

The Font Preview and Download Script is built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It utilizes the font-awesome and html2canvas libraries to load fonts and generate a downloadable image, respectively. The script is fully customizable and can be integrated into any website. It’s suitable for anyone who wants to showcase their fonts or provide their users with the ability to preview and customize fonts before downloading the preview as an image.

Overall, the Font Preview and Download Script is an excellent tool for web designers, font designers, or anyone who needs to customize and showcase different fonts.

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Arial, Roboto and TNR Font Live Preview and download